The Australian Cattle Dog Society of N.S.W. Inc.

Welcomes NEW Members

Want to become a member?

To apply for membership just download, print/fill out and return to the Treasurer (details on the form) the New Members Application & Existing Members Renewal Form below. It's easy to download; just click on the link below.


New members' applications go to the next committee meeting after receipt of via mail or email, for approval before acceptance. Only when a new members' application is accepted are they required to pay a membership fee.

Members receive discounted entry to our Speciality Shows as well as 6 editions of the Newsletter each year which contains helpful updates and information on all things Australian Cattle Dog and our great club - the first and the best Australian Cattle Dog Club in the world. We may also have member competitions and raffles with great prizes from time to time. Members can participate in the Point Score competition. They can also submit an application for titles gained each year and receive a lovely commemerative trophy.