Australian Cattle Dog Society of N.S.W. History

Compiled by Life member P Bradwell  2/4/07

(Formed 21/10/71)

The inaugural meeting of the Australian Cattle Dog Society of NSW was held on the 8th august,1971 at the home of Mrs. O Ridley. Among those present were:  Mr. R O’Donnell in the Chair, Mr. & Mrs. R Atkins, Mrs. O Ridley, Mrs. B Bearup, Mr. B Brown, Mr. & Mrs. R Anderson, Mr. & Mrs. P Townley, Mr. Wilson, Mrs. Holwick, Mr. & Mrs. B Walters,   Mr. L Dixon, Mr. W Britt, Mr. A Withers, Mrs. H Hancock, Mr. R Devenish, Mr. & Mrs. E Shipway, Mrs. E Bunnell,         Mr. Gooi, Mrs. E Park, Mr. W Watson.
Mrs. H Hancock moved that a Club be formed to cater for the Australian Cattle Dog, seconded Mr. R Atkins.  Mrs. O Ridley moved, that the Club be named the Australian Cattle Dog Society of NSW, seconded Mrs. B Bearup.
The Following Office Bearers were elected:
       Patrons:          Mr. W Bruce, Mr. W Spilstead, Mrs. P Downs
       President:        Mr. W Britt, Vice Presidents, Mr. R O’Donnell, Mr. B Walters
       Secretary/Treasurer:       Mrs. O Ridley, Asst Secretary Mrs. E Park
       Publicity Officer:      Mr. W Watson
      Committee:          Mr. A Withers, Mrs. B Walters, Mr. Gooi, Mr. L Dixon

It was moved by Mr. Townley seconded Mrs. B Walters that a list of foundation members and Office bearers be sent to the RASKC

The RAS Kennel Control granted licence to the recently formed Australian Cattle Dog Society of NSW on 21st October 1971.  Affiliation with the RAS Kennel Control was approved 18th September 1972. The object of the Society was to promote and improve the breeding and exhibiting of the Australian Cattle Dog.

The Society held its first Show, a Parade, at Minto Show Ground on 2nd April 1972 -  Judge Mr. A P Bates.
Patrons:                     Mrs. P Downs, Mr. W Bruce Mr. W Spilstead.
Club Officials:            President:                    Mr. W L Britt,
                                  Vice Presidents:          Mr. R O’Donnell, Mr. C B Walters
                                  Secretary/Treasurer:    Mrs. O Ridley, Asst Secretary Mrs. E Park
                                  Publicity Officer:         Mr. W A Watson
Veterinary Officer:     Mr. C E J Walker BVSC
Entry fees:                Sweepstakes, Breed and Property classes 60 cents
Admittance:              Exhibitors free, Children free, Visitors 20 cents Catalogues 20 cents.

The following preamble was printed on the Application for Membership Form in the Parade Show Catalogue:

If ever a dog will play a part in the economy of Australia, this is the dog.  With the changing conditions in the sheep industry, cattle are playing a major part in this country, and the Australian Cattle Dog is right up there with them.

The Australian Cattle Dog Society was formed late in 1971 because of a need to put these dogs back in the position of one of the foremost dogs in Australia today.  Not only as working dogs but dogs capable of taking out major show awards.  As obedience dogs, they are unsurpassed, as faithful and loyal companion or a guard dog – brooking no interference as a faithful and loyal companion or with his masters’ family or his possessions.

Membership Fees:  Single $1.50, Dual $2.00, Junior (under 16 years) 30 cents.

Best in Parade:    

Ch Tallawong Blue Josie owned by K & H Dickson 

Runner up Best in Parade:

Ch Wooleston Blue Joker CD

Owned by C & B Walters

The Australian Cattle Dog Society of NSW held its first championship Show at Minto Showground on 22nd April 1973 (Easter), Judge Mr. H. West.

  Patrons:             Mrs. P Downs, Mr. W Bruce, Mr. W Spilstead    
  Club Officials:    President:           Mr. E Shipway,    Vice President Mr. R O’Donnell,
                              Secretary/Treasurer:         Mr. D Peckham,    Asst Sec: Mrs. E Park
                              Show Secretary:       Mrs. B Hancock
                              Publicity Officer:        Mr. W A Watson
                              Vet Officer:           Mr. C E J Walker BVSc.

                                  Best in Show                                     
                        Woolston Blue Julie                         
                                                               Owned by C & B Walters                                                            


Runner up Best in Show

Willsvue Flash Lass

Owned by Mrs. C Wills  

(Photo Mr. A Ouley)

An early promotional endeavour was the donation of a bronze plaque to the Scone Shire Council as a tribute to Mr. Thomas Hall.  

The plaque was mounted on a new bridge in the area and named “The Blue Heeler Bridge” which was officially opened by the Minister for Local Government and Planning,  Mr. Harry Jensen on the 14th August 1976.

A breed Seminar was held in 1978 from which a booklet was based with great success and sold throughout the world.

The Society was represented each year at Agview and various promotion days have been held.                                                
Sunday, 19th April 1981, The Society held its first Obedience Trial. Classes judged were Novice, Open & UD. The highest scoring dog was Mrs. L Teston’s Beronganella Robyn CDX, Judge Mr. H Exton.

In 1988, Australia’s bi-centennial year, the Society was prominent in presenting the Australian Dog Breeds Spectacular held in conjunction with other Australian Breed Clubs at Marayong Oval, Blacktown.

Best In Show Australian Dog Breeds Spectacular

Ch Kombinalong Super "K" owned and bred by Narelle Robertson

The Society was incorporated 19th September 1995 under the Associations Incorporation Act 1984

The Australian Cattle Dog Society of NSW held its 25th Anniversary Championship Show & Obedience Trial on 5th April 1998 at the Bill Spilstead Complex for Canine Affairs, Erskine Park.
Judges:  Mr G Holloway, Breed Classes & General Specials
               Mrs. K Eldred, Sweepstakes & Property Classes
               Ms D Easter, Obedience - Utility - Open - Novice.

A Seminar was organised by the Australian Cattle Dog Society and presented by Dr Gregory Acland on 23rd June 1998.   Despite the freezing weather and raging storms closing many roads, people came from as far as the Central Coast, The Southern Highlands and the ACT.

Mr Acland's Seminar was a great success, giving a very informative lecture to an attentive audience.  The topics covered were PRA and other heritable eye diseases - what should be done about heritable diseases and why more and more heritable diseases are emerging in purebred dogs

Unfortunately the Society ceased conducting Obedience trials in September 1998, as due to the aging of our Members, there were insufficient entries of Australian cattle Dogs. Classes judged were Utility, Open & Novice, Judge Mrs. A D Yerbury.

The results were: Utility, no qualifiers: Open, Miljen Triple trouble CDX TD Owned by M Shepherd: Novice, Shelloy Lois Owned by P L & J I Mortimer.

Early Breeders kept very little recorded information on their breeding programmes, as their only interest was in developing the ideal Cattle Dog best suited to Australian conditions.  There is a marked difference of opinion as to the breeds that were actually used to develop the purebred Cattle Dog that we see today.